Soldering irons 100 watt

For the Weller 100 you can choose from four different soldering tips

SG 40, SG 41,  and SG 43

The numbers are in the rear end of the tip
We provide the tips with number 6 and 7 which corresponds to:

Pin 6

- Working temperature:
ca. 295ºC
- Stand-by température:
ca. 335ºC

Pin 7

- Working temperature:
ca. 340ºC
- Stand-by température:
ca. 370ºC

The top seller is our tip number 7.

Make sure you keep your soldering iron clean. This can be accomplished by soldering occasionally the stylus on a wet sponge to clean.

For stubborn stains we advise Weller Tip Activator
You keep the hot iron about 10 seconds in the Tip activator and then clean over a damp sponge.
If necessary, repeat this.

Weller soldering Do not clean with abrasives! This damages the coating of the pin!!

Thermostatic replacement tip SG 40-7  for Weller 100 W
€ 24.95
Soldering tip  Weller standard forHobbykit II SG 10
€ 11.15