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Bison Combi Fast 24 ml

Bison Combi Fast 24 ml


Product description

Crystal-clear, high-speed 2-component adhesive (epoxy).

Drying Time *

Hand tight: about 5 minutes
Dry Curing: approx 20 minutes . With lower temperature longer, with higher temperature faster.

* Drying times may also vary by the type of substrate, the applied amount of adhesive, moisture content and temperature.

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Bison Combi Fast 24 ml

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Preparation surfaces:  The surfaces that have toe to be bonded have to be clean, dry,dust-and grease free and and has to fit as good as possible together. When metal surfaces are slightly roughened, a stronger connection will be obtained.
The parts to be bonded must be properly cleaned with a degreaser or acetone.
Wear during mixing and application of this glue, gloves.
For mixing the two components, use the supplied plastic tray and spatula. Clean them after use with warm water and soap.

Only use at temperatures between +5 ° C and 35 ° C. This adhesive cures by mixing the two components, resin and hardener.

Check with the breaking of the seals of both tubes, or both holes in the nozzles properly and fully open. When squeezing out, the glue should come out of the tubes in equal amounts.
For mixing use the supplied plastic mixing bowl and spatula.
At room temperature (approximately 20 ° C) remains a mixed amount of about 5 minutes to process. Apply the mixed adhesive to one of the parts thin and keep it about 20 minutes into place. Fix the parts if necessary, with an adhesive tape.
After using the glue, clean the nozzles  with a lint-free cloth.

Place after this the special (red) cap (which is located between the handles of the double syringe) on the nozzle exits. 

Pot life (processing time): about 5 minutes

Stains, residues: Wet spots can be best removed with warm water and soap. Once Cured material can be removed with a sharp knife, razor or with the sharp edge of a chisel.

Technical characteristics
Water resistance: Good
For temperatures from -40 ° C to +100 ° C
Chemical resistance: Good
Paint ability: Good
Filling capacity: Good

Important to know
Do not process this adhesive at temperatures below 5 °C
Be sure the surfaces to be bonded are free of condensation .
After use, tightly closed in a cool place, kept upright (with the nozzles up) the adhesive will remains usable at least 24 months .

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