Grinding/Polishing Belts  533 mm x 30 mm

This grinding / polishing belts series contains code letters in the Product Code, concerning the nature and quality of the belts. These code letters are the last one or two digits of the Product Code. All grinding/polishing belts are coated with synthetic diamond particles, with the exception of the silicon carbide belts. Silicon Carbide belts are black. Synthetic Diamond belts are color-coded. Cork belts have a light brown color.

SC represents Silicon Carbid; SD means Synthetic Diamond, SQ means Synthetic Diamond belts of Standard quality, IQ means Synthetic Diamond belts of Industry Quality,  K means Cork (polishing belts).
If Grinding / polishing belts are going to be used wet, it is advisable to immerse the belts in water before, for approximately 30 minutes. This will promote the belts life time.