Solderin irons 200 watt  
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Solderin irons 200 watt

Soldering iron WELLER Profkit 200 watt (50-7 tip)

Soldering iron WELLER Profkit 200 watt (50-7 tip)


Weller 200, (Profikit 200) a professional Thermostatic Soldering Iron

For the Weller 200 Soldering Iron are four different soldering tip Models available:
SG 50, SG 51, SG 52 and SG 53
The soldering iron comes standard with a Soldering tip SG 50-6! The soldering tips have a number in the rear end, which corresponds to a temperature specification.

We provide Soldering tips with number 6 and 7

Soldering tip number 6

Working temperature:
+/-. 295ºC
Standby temperature:
+/-. 335ºC

Soldering tip Number 7

Working temperature:
+/-. 340ºC
Standby temperature:
+/-. 370ºC

For Tiffany (copper foil technique) is the SG 52-6 the most appropriate model.Make sure you keep your soldering tip clean. This can be accomplished by cleaning the hot soldering tip occasionally on a wet sponge.  For stubborn dirt or a damaged coating, we have the Weller Tip Activator for you.Hold the hot Soldering tip in the Tip Activator for approximately 10 seconds than clean on a wet sponge. If necessary, repeat this. With the Tip Activator, your Soldering tip will be coated as new.

Never clean the soldering tip with abrasive materials. This damages the coating of the Soldering tip.

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Thermostatic replacement tip, bent SG 53-6  for Weller 200

Thermostatic replacement tip, bent SG 53-6 for Weller 200


Tip number 6

Working temperature
ca. 295ºC
Stand-by temperature:
ca. 335ºC

Tip number 7

Working temperature:  
ca. 340ºC
Stand-by temperature:
ca. 370ºC

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