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The Waffelite

The Waffelite consists of two Beetle Bit Waffle Grids each, 11” x 11”( 28 x 28 cm), with in-between a Led-light unit. This Led-light unit between the Waffle Grid panels are supported by 5 posts. In this way a very handy light box is created, which you can use for various purposes. For instance Cut out patterns in Opal glass types, Copy designs to your glass, creating painted glass panels etc.

Design copy

Put your design on top of the Waffelite and the glass on top of the design. Now switch on the Led-light unit. Take over the lines of the design to your glass, using a marker.
See also in our Cuttersmate Plus manual page 12 of 15.
The Led-light unit runs on 4 AA Batteries. These are not included.

61.35  € 49.95
(+ US Dollar compensation € 3.00)

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